For our purposes, observers include team members’ parents, siblings, friends, coaches’ spouses, and others who are affiliated with a team participating in the competition. An observer must be registered in order to view a competition round and can only view rounds in which the team with whom they are affiliated is participating.  There is no charge to register as an observer.

It is important that we have an accurate count of observers per team so that we can be sure that teams are scheduled in rooms large enough to accommodate all observers. 

Tickets for the Opening Ceremony and Awards Gala and may be purchased when registering as an observer.  "All Access" passes are also available that include admission to both events for a discounted price.

All registrations must be completed and submitted before Saturday, April 15, 2017 at 11:59 PM (EST). No changes can be made to a registration after that date without the permission of the National Host Director. 

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